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At Sanctuary, we encourage a professional approach focusing on the ethical and long-term goals of both client and candidate. We take the time to thoroughly screen and meet quality candidates beforehand. We listen and accurately match your requirements to our candidate’s skills to save you time. This way you receive only the best and most qualified candidates for the position.

We also believe that there are exceptional candidates who are often well looked after in their current employment and not always actively looking for a new job. To make sure we find the best candidate, we offer a headhunting and search capability to seek out these exceptional, passive candidates perfect for your needs.

Our consultants at Sanctuary Recruitment are salaried and not paid commissions: as such they do not have short-term interests that may conflict with your long-term goals. Our team members come from varied backgrounds but all have exceptional recruitment experience in the healthcare sector. As such, we have extensive connections and relationships unparalleled to others in the industry.

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