The benefits of becoming a temporary RN and AIN in Aged Care


Whether you are working full- time or part- time as a temporary RN or AIN, it is a great way to earn some extra money and switch up your working environment. Working causal shifts means RN’s and AIN’s can be flexible with choosing what shifts they work and in what location and facility. Temporary work enables Nurses to have control over their schedules and assignments which in turn, allows them to focus more on patient care than on facility politics.


There are many advantages to becoming a temporary RN or AIN:

  • Agency nursing is flexible with scheduling. Nurses are able to pick up shifts as and when best suit them. If you would prefer to avoid night shifts, or only work night shifts, causal work is something that allows a RN a choice in this.
  • Working can be scheduled around family events and personal obligations.
  • Agency nursing allows nurses to work in a range of different departments and this experience can help improve nursing skills.
  • Although working causal shifts is not a guaranteed income, it is an opportunity to earn come extra money alongside your permanent role.
  • Being signed up with an agency, means they are aware of your availability and therefore, you will always be offered shifts for your available days.


Sanctuary Recruitment now offers causal work solutions for RN’s and AIN’s. We have extensive networks within Aged Care facilities around Australia, from which we have a range of causal shifts available to RN’s and AIN’s.


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