Aged Care Options


Home care Is not always the best option for everyone, but it should be considered before making a final decision for the elderly living. The decision to stay at home in comparison to moving to a formal living facility is a personal choice. Whilst nursing homes offer numerous advantages for the elderly and terminally ill, it may not be the best option for each individual.

For many of the elderly, their home is the place where they feel most safe and comfortable. Having a career in the home can be a long term or short- term option, depending on the needs of the person requiring care. This adds flexibility as opposed to a nursing home where the care is standardised. Home care services can include a range of professional individuals visiting homes including Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physical therapists and other workers depending on the requirements from the elderly needing care.

However, there is also an option to live in assisted living complexes. Many of the elderly feel that living in an assisted living complex is beneficial to both their social, emotional and physical well- being. These living complexes help individuals with their groceries and laundry but are however fully independent otherwise. This is quite similar to living in a nursing home, with the exception of having nursing care on hand and medical needs being constantly monitored.

There are some circumstances where home care may not be the best option for an elderly individual. This can be due to many factors, when the individual may require special facilities that aren’t available in the home and can be far too costly to install. If there was to be a medical emergency in the home, it could be more difficult to handle in comparison to if there was a medical emergency in a nursing home facility. The constant medical professionals on hand are able to defuse a situation quicker when in a nursing home facility.  

When choosing options for aged care living, it is best to consider all possibilities to ensure you are making the right choice. By doing research and speaking with aged care facilities, you will be able to gage which option will be most suited to your own needs. 


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