Characteristics of the perfect Aged Care worker


Being an aged care worker is an extremely rewarding career, however, it is a role that requires a lot of different strengths in a person. There are some challenges that come with taking care of the elderly, which can only be met by a certain type of person. Aged care workers provide a friendly ear to listen and learn about experiences from people who have been around for many more years.

There are some key characteristics required to be a successful aged care worker:


The elderly in your care will depend on you and a responsible person will ensure things like medication times are looked after. Also, ensuring appointments are made and are attended on time. This will inspire trust in the elderly person you are taking care of, and they will know that you can be relied on for care.


Aged care workers are required to have a caring nature. Knowing how to make someone feel cared for is key to ensuring they are happy, settled and secure. Kind, thoughtful gestures will let the elderly know that they are not a burden and that you care enough to look after them properly.


You may be required to attend patients at times that are not convenient for you. Working flexibly will be key to making your patients feel secure, as they will know when you need them that you will be there. Different patients will also have different needs; therefore, you will not be able to treat all patients the same. A flexible approach in the way you look after the elderly will go a long way and establish good relationships with your patients.


Respecting your elders is something that comes naturally to many of us. However, it may come as a surprise that some people do not have the same values for the elderly. The elderly’s thoughts and feelings are just as valid as our own, and it is imperative that respect is given to their needs, wants and feelings. Being respectful to ask how the elderly are is vital, and something all good caregivers must possess.


When caring for an elder person, you must have extreme patience. The elderly is not as mobile as they once were, therefore your patience is crucial in ensuring that they don’t feel hopeless. Being patent with the elderly you care for will encourage a bond between you both. In time, you are likely to see an improvement in mood and temper should something ever go wrong.

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