Why General Practitioners are happier in Australia


Australia is home to a vast number of General Practitioners who have moved overseas to better their profession and quality of life. The reason for General Practitioners choosing Australia is unsurprising. A move to Australia for a General Practitioner is largely positive and many have reported a renowned enthusiasm for their professional career. When thinking about moving to a different country, it is wise to take into consideration the new quality of life you can experience, as well as having a new satisfaction for your profession.

General Practitioners have reported on the working conditions to be increasingly better in Australia due to many reasons:

  • Increasing earning potential and being in charge of your own income.
  • Working largely for private practices and not having to work for National Health Services, ultimately not having to hit specific targets or satisfy care criteria to get funding.
  • Flexible in the working schedule. Full time work is 38- 40 hours per week and practices are normally flexible with this. A 4- day week is quite common for General Practitioners in Australia.
  • There is a broader scope and freedom of General Practitioners work practised. For example, General Practitioners will have the opportunity to exercise minor surgical skills If desired and some emergency department aspects of the role.
  • A GP will have the chance to work in remote or rural locations where their impact makes a significant difference to the community.

It is also important to take into consideration the benefits in change of lifestyle when moving to Australia.

  • Firstly, the weather is genuinely nicer then most countries the majority of the time.
  • Because of the amazing climate, there is a lot more time for outdoor orientated activities.
  • Excellent educational systems for those with families.
  • Affordable high-quality housing in most areas.
  • Easy access to nearby exotic holiday destinations. For example, New Zealand, Asia...
  • A growing economy and a sense of national optimism.

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