Becoming a Registered Nurse in Australia


If you are interested in becoming a Registered Nurse in Australia, now is the time to make the change.  The increasing demand for Registered Nurses is fuelled by multiple factors. The greater need for Registered Nurses is due to the increasingly ageing population and the need for chronic care and acute care management.

Registered Nurses in Australia have become one of the most dynamic and evolving areas of Nursing. Registered Nurses have been listed as one of the fifteen recognised healthcare professions. The Australian health industry has achieved a reputation for world-class technology, medical innovation, high-quality professional competence and a robust research and development system.

To be a Registered Nurse you would be required to work alongside other skilled professionals including Doctors, Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Speciality Nurses, Therapists and others to provide ongoing patient care. Registered Nurses may be responsible for coordinating activities that promote patient wellness and will be required to prep patients for examinations, assist in operations and post-operative care, update and maintain records and help in the treatment.

Becoming a Registered Nurse would require a 3- year Bachelor of Nursing degree, available at most Australian Universities. In order to be successful in the application, it is a requirement for an individual to be over the age of 17- years and obtain an HSC with appropriate Universities Admission index (AUI). There is a number of Universities around Australia that offer a 3- year, full-time Bachelor of Nursing course or the equivalent part-time Registered Nurse course. However, the specific curriculums can vary slightly between units depending on the place of practice.

During the study at University, an individual will get the opportunity to perform clinical skills on specially constructed mannequins, under the guidance and supervision of experienced University educators. Students studying as Registered Nurses are exposed to a broad range of clinical studies, giving them the opportunity to discover which area of Nursing they most prefer and see a future working in.

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