The benefits of working as a Locum GP




The role of a Locum GP is to temporarly fill clinical positions to cover illness, maternity leave, vacations and staff shortages in a healthcare facility. A Locum GP  can expect to be needed for work from one week to several months, depending on how long the temporary position is required. There is a variety of advantages for a GP that come with working as a Locum.


Working as a Locum GP is a great way to develop different experiences. The variety of environments and locations a Locum may be placed will allow them to have the opportunity to travel to different areas. Locum workers are also able to be flexible with their working hours, taking time off of work or working additional hours to earn a higher income.


A Locums pay will vary depending on the facility and the location of where they are working. Locum tenens GPs can expect to earn substantially more than if they were working the same role in a permanent position. This is ultimately to compensate the individual for not receiving sick pay or annual leave. Pay will also be dependent on experience and, the facility may offer to compensate for travel and accommodation expenses.


A GP Locum doesn’t receive annual leave therefore, if a Locum decides they are not enjoying their workplace they can make the decision to leave without notice. As a Locum GP, you will have the choice to choose a short term or long term position and in some situations, a Locum position can lead to a permanent role in that healthcare facility.

Being a Locum GP will also mean that there is genuinely less administration and paperwork involved then there would be for a permanently employed GP in a healthcare facility.

Working as a Locum GP is a great job for an individual who obtains a good sense of adventure, and is keen to explore working in different healthcare facilities in the various area of the country on a temporary basis.

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