Healthcare Jobs That Will Kick- Start Your Career


Healthcare is one of the most rewarding industries to work in. Day by day, a healthcare professional is helping to make a difference in people’s lives for the better. The healthcare industry consist of various roles which contribute to aiding others live a healthier and happy lifestyle. If you are considering a career in the healthcare sector but are unsure of the role which may be suitable for you, we have listed some healthcare professions which may kick-start your career.

Registered Nurse
In the healthcare industry, Registered Nurses are often high in demand. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) identifies 331,000 Registered Nurses. As a Registered Nurse, you are responsible for the health and wellbeing of your patients and ensuring that hospitals stay as pleasant as possible. There is many opportunities to progress your career as Registered Nurse as well as working in a verity of different settings.

Being a Registered Nurse is a fast- paced and extremely busy role. Experience in this field could lead to responsibility where you will have the chance to progress in your career. To qualify as a Registered Nurse, you will require a basic undergraduate degree in the medical field.

Healthcare Assistant

A Healthcare Assistant works under the supervision of qualified healthcare professionals. Seen as a critical part of the team, Healthcare Assistants maintain a high level of patient care. There is a range of duties required from Healthcare Assistants involving caring, supporting and providing information to patients and their loved ones.

As a Healthcare Assistant, you can expect daily tasks to consist of supporting the medical team and maintaining patient care through ensuring patients have assistance with personal hygiene, changing and showering. You could be required to make beds, keep the ward tidy, help patients at meal times and record basic observations.

Aged Care Assistant
An Aged Care Assistant can often be referred to as a Care Worker, Care Assistant, Nursing Home Assistant or a Care Support Worker. The pivotal role of an Aged Care Assistant is provide physical or emotional support to people within their own homes, nursing and residential homes or day centres. The support of a Carer can provide an individual with the sense of regaining their independence and providing a happier and fulfilling lifestyle.

Carers provide round the clock assistance for individuals in need of their help. This can range from washing, cooking, cleaning and taking care of their patients personal hygiene and ensuring patients are accompanied by any medical documentation and all their personal belongings.  

Mental Health Nurse 
A Registered Mental Health Nurse supports all ages of individuals suffering from mental health conditions. This role is particularly important as the Nurse is required to support individual’s with their condition and help them recover. Mental Health Nurses play a huge role in breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health in society, ensuring patients are able to familiarise and understand more about their condition.

Being a Mental Health Nurse is a demanding position and requires valuable skills. In this profession, in order to empathise with the individuals in your care it is extremely important to have excellent observation skills, the ability to keep calm, and take on a non-judgemental approach to peoples situations.


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