NSW ‘Active Kids’ Initiative


“The best way to make a child good is to make a child happy” – Oscar Wilde

And the best way to make a child happy is by keeping them active!

So maybe it’s not that simple, but keeping a child active can certainly go a long way when dealing with tantrums, managing behavior and developing healthy, happy children.

Thanks to a NSW government initiative, more than one million school children across the state are now eligible for the NSW Government’s new annual $100 Active Kids voucher.

According to sources, all parents with school-aged children will have help to cover the cost of sports and active recreation fees. This is a fantastic boost for parents because the cost of kids’ sport and activities can really add up. Active Kids is one of the ways the NSW Government is attempting to ease cost of living pressures on families and better promote good health.

It is estimated that the government has allocated $207 million over the next four years to help parents with the costs of getting their kids into sport.

Active Kids will contribute $100 for every child towards the cost of sports registration, membership expenses and fees for physical activities such as swimming, dance lessons and athletics.

Parents can now register online with Service NSW to receive their $100 voucher to provide to their approved sport or physical activity club or organisation.   

This program means that every child in the State has the opportunity to be fit and active in their community.

We all know that engaging in regular physical activity is important for health. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weight gain and some forms of cancer. Being physically active also contributes to optimal bone mineral density and immune function which are particularly important for growing children.

Furthermore, engaging in regular physical activity improves a child’s fundamental motor skills including coordination, balance, reaction times and spatial awareness, which are linked to brain development, whist also improving social skills, confidence, self-esteem, mental alertness, concentration, academic performance, sleep patterns and ultimately behavior.

What more reason could there be to be active? – How about happiness? Active kids are also happy kids!

Active Kids is a key initiative of the 2017-18 Budget and will not be means-tested. It supports the Premier’s Priority to reduce overweight and obesity rates of children by five per cent over ten years.

Parents have until 31 December 2018 to claim and use their voucher.

More information: link) or by phoning Service NSW on 13 77 88

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