Grants and Incentives for Rural GPs


Did you know there are several grants available to GPs to encourage rural medical practice uptake? Here we explore some of the rewards they may be eligible for should they take the leap to 'go rural


Transition Grants

Transition Grants are administered by RDN in NSW on behalf of the Australian Government’s Rural and Remote General practice program (RRGPP). Up to $5,000 is available to eligible GPs transitioning to rural and remote NSW communities that are in need of general practice services located in ASGC Ra* 2 priority towns and Ra 3-5 towns.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Vouchers

RDN CPD vouchers are available to eligible GPs who are new to rural general practice, to enable attendance at an RDN conference. vouchers cover full registration fees and, for GPs in more remote locations, an additional $500 toward travel and accommodation is provided.

Application forms and eligibility criteria are available from the RDN website at:

Clinical Orientation (training) Grants

Clinical orientation (training) Grants are administered by RDN in NSW on behalf of the Australian Government’s RRGPP program. These grants are available to eligible doctors to cover the costs of training in an RDN-hosted Rural emergency skills training (REST) course or certificate course in sexual & Reproductive health.

Rural Procedural Grants Program

The Rural Procedural Grants Program is an initiative of the Australian Government, providing financial assistance for procedural GPs in rural and remote areas to access relevant activities that assist them in maintaining or updating their skills.

The program has two components:

• GPs practising Emergency Medicine: Grants up to a maximum of three days training at $2,000 per day or a total of $6,000 per GP per financial year.

• GPs practising Surgery, Anaesthetics and/or Obstetrics: training grants of $2,000 per day to a maximum of $20,000 per GP per financial year.

The General practice Rural incentives program (GPRIP) is an Australian Government incentive that aims to promote careers in rural medicine as well as increase, recognise and retain medical practitioners in rural and remote Australia.

GPRIP comprises:

• Rural Relocation Incentive Grant (RRIG)

• GP Component (from 1 July 2014) incorporates the previous GP Registrar component). Payments are scaled according to RA locations, length of practice and clinical workload of eligible services.

The additional assistance scheme provides educational and financial assistance to eligible doctors to support them achieving fellowship of either the Royal Australian College of General practitioners (RACGP) or the Australian College of Rural and Remote medicine (ACRRM).

Rural Locum Education Assistance Program (Rural Leap)

Rural leap “was developed as part of the Rural health workforce strategy. Financial assistance is provided to urban General practitioners who undertake emergency medicine training and commit to a four week (20 working days) general practice locum placement in a rural locality within a two year period.” source:

Rural & Regional Teaching Infrastructure Grants (RRTIGS) programme

This federal programme provides funding to upgrade and/or extend the premises of existing general practices in rural or regional locations to provide additional consultation rooms and space for teaching medical students and supervising general practice registrars.

General practices are required to match the Commonwealth funding which will leverage private investment. Applicants must be an existing general practice, or in the case of an application from a consortium, must include an existing general practice as the lead agency.

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