Why WE can help you make the right move in 2018


To help kickstart your New year, here are some tips to assist you jobseekers in the often daunting challenges you face when seeking a new role - from building your profile and taking your first steps into the market.

Find the right company with the right assistance – taking the next step in our career often makes us focus on our individual roles and responsibilities, but ensuring that the company is a good fit is a vital factor in making a successful transition. Recruitment specific agencies like ourselves have in-depth industry knowledge fostered from months and in some cases, years of dealing with the same clients. We know what types of candidates our clients are looking for and which candidates will thrive where.  We are able to translate these judgements into quick and successful placements. 

Find the right opportunity – The first step is making sure that you have a resume that stands out to us as recruitment consultant. Here’s how:           

  • Strategic Keywords – recruiters may receive numerous submissions for a single job  posting. Reviewing each individual submission can prove extremely challenging. To help sort through job applications, recruitment consultants focus on specific keywords from the job description to screen resumes and find qualified candidates. Successful candidates are able to get past these filters by using strategic keywords, specific to the individual job they’re applying for and its requirements.
  • Professionalism – While each recruiter has their own preferences, what they can all agree on is that your resume crafts their initial impression of you as a candidate. Be professional. Focus on making sure your resume makes a great first impression consistent with your formatting, pay close attention to spelling and grammar and be honest when describing your past roles and responsibilities.
  • Accomplishments – Be clear about your background, responsibilities and knowledge. Recruiters wants to see not only what you’ve done, but what you’ve accomplished in your past positions.

Once you have your resume prepared it’s common then to apply to suitable jobs you find  advertised on your own. However, there is an alternative route to finding the right opportunity – by leveraging a recruitment agencies network pool which far exceeds those accessible to any individual working autonomously.

Find your way through assessments – often considered the most intimidating part of the job-hunting process is the assessment stage. As recruiters, we have long-established relationships with our clients – we therefore know how to ‘sell’ you and your resume in the best possible light, helping you get your foot in the door. Interviews can be intimidating, but we can provide you with the knowledge of what exactly our clients are looking for, thereby handing you the best possible shot at landing the role.

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