Why work with a medical recruitment agency?


The Australian healthcare system is globally recognized as being one of the best in the business. To maintain this standard, it is integral that healthcare facilities are able to source support in finding suitable candidates for roles and medical professionals are aided in accessing work vacancies and opportunities in the sector that fits their skill set. This is where medical recruitment agencies come in.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why recruitment agencies can be regarded as an invaluable resource:


While many healthcare facilities have more than satisfactory HR departments - Recruitment Agencies tend to have a greater level of expertise in sourcing staff as it is their specialty. This is especially true of industry specific agencies, who often have extensive knowledge of the industry they’re involved in which gives them a distinct advantage in terms of recruiting. Additionally, due to the fact that agencies have databases and portfolio’s full of adequate candidates – they tend to deliver much quicker than in-house HR teams can.

Reduced Cost

The use of external recruitment agencies can result in a reduction of the costs associated with finding and hiring adequate staff to work to recruit for staff internally. Additionally, since agencies handle the complete employment process, they also help to relieve employers of the costs related to background investigation, drug screening, and pre-employment testing.

A Larger Network

Industry specific agencies such as medical recruitment agencies are constantly screening and interviewing candidates – from care workers and registered nurses through to GP’s and Radiologists. Agencies therefore have an abundance of suitable candidates on their database that they can filter through and usher through to facilities in need of workers. Agencies tend to have large networks of candidates and thus have access to a much bigger pool of potentially suitable employees – far greater that one employer would have at his or her disposal. Employers who work autonomously in hiring staff would have to advertise their job openings, conduct candidate interviews, and process all the documents needed for each new hire.

Recruitment agencies, however, typically have established relationships with certain workers that they’ve already screened and identified as being conscientious, reliable, and dependable. With these types of workers in their arsenal, agencies can fill an employment vacancy in just a few day days, or perhaps even in just a few hours. 

Improved Retention

Recruitment agencies often have good relationships with their candidates and have extensive knowledge of their background experience. Agencies are unlikely to send through inadequate or mediocre candidates to their clients as they’re conscious of the caliber of candidates that they represent. A recruitment agencies reputation is paramount to their success and therefore they ensure only candidates who fit the bill make it through to interview stages with their clients.

Extensive screening, background checks, and references are all done by agencies – facilities can therefore rest assured that if a candidate is being sent through by an agency that they likely possess the correct skill set to fulfill the brief of the role. This results in improved retention of good staff for facilities. By using recruitment agencies for placements, employers can see tremendous savings in terms of training costs and turnover as well as improvements in things like employee morale.

As highlighted throughout, there are many benefits to using recruitment agencies. If you’re looking for staff in the medical field then please call Sanctuary Recruitment today on 0284598101.

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