Why careers in care have become the business of the future


We live in a climate where social anxieties about employment security due to the rising threat of labor automation has now become common place. Despite this however, reports suggest that unlike many other sectors, the aged care and health service sectors will continue to boasts hundreds if not thousands of new and existing jobs for healthcare professionals throughout years to come.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization [CSIRO] have recently conducted studies and identified potential future social trends in terms of employment. Research suggests that structural changes in the labor market will continue to see growth in the health service sector, including an abundance of new caring jobs. The influx of new jobs within the health service sector will compensate for the decline in other industries such as manufacturing.

It is has become more than likely that a plethora of jobs in and around the health care sector will become available as an inevitable consequence of Australia’s ageing population alongside other factors such as the national disability insurance scheme coming through.

Many health care jobs cannot be off-shored or automated meaning that they may withstand the technical revolution. Health sectors will likely continue to provide numerous entry-level and medium-skilled jobs for the Australian work-force for years to come.

Despite concerns over employment security – future employment trends have yet to be realized by many. The Secretary for the federal Department of Employment, Renee Leon said that "We ought to be pumping many more people into that workforce than we currently are”.

The demand for workers within the Australian health care sector has been reinforced by the formation of annual publications from the National Government. The publication ‘Australian Jobs’ serves to inform school students about jobs that may be attractive in terms of prospective careers. The publication pays specific attention to the health sector. The need to educate Australia’s youth about future job options has become paramount in ensuring Australia has adequate resources to deal with the rising need for health care providers in years to come.

In NSW, the demand for workers in health care sectors is ever increasing. According to The Federal Senate, Australia’s aged care workforce needs to increase from 350,000 workers to 1.3 million by 2050 (Leading Aged Services Australia).

The prospect of widespread work vacancies and job security may prove itself to be a catalyst for many Australians to jump ship - it seems that there has never been a more compelling time to do so.

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