Why Australian GPs Are Among Happiest in the World?


​In recent years, various reports have cited that Australian GPs are among the “happiest in the World”.

Notably, a report published by The Health Foundation based on a 2015 survey of 12,049 GPs across 11 countries by the US-based Commonwealth Fund highlighted these findings. The report was deduced from survey-based feedback from health care consumers, health care professionals and health system leaders. The report is conducted once every 3 years.

Australia ranked second after Norway out of the 11 countries surveyed in respect of GP satisfaction. These findings revealed an increase of 8% from its’ former findings in 2012; with a rise from 80% to 88% in terms of satisfaction in relation to practicing medicine. The report also highlighted that there has been a 3% rise in the amount of Australian GP’s that denote the Australian healthcare system as a system that is working efficiently; with attitudes of healthcare professionals soaring from 45% to 48% from 2012 to 2015.


  • Consultation time – It has been noted that the average consultation time in Australia (15 minutes) is longer than the international average. More time spent with patients prompts better client-doctor relations and enhanced communication between parties.
  • Use of effective and efficient IT systems for data storage. Australia scored above 90% for the use of electronical patient medical records in GP practices.
  • Australian practitioners have an enhanced ability to general a clinical summary to give to patients.
  • Overall Australia has the largest percentage of respondents indicating that they found working in general practice “not too stressful or not at all stressful”.
  • Australian GP’s also reported finding a better work-life balance with being able to adopt a variety of leisurely activities alongside pursuing their professional career.

Despite some drawbacks being documented, such as communication issues between GP practitioners and hospitals as well as with other bodies involved with care coordination – generally issues documented appear few and far between.

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